Renewal Options

Let's do this again!

Full Renewal Plan


*By selecting the Full Renewal Plan 12 month agreement, your rates will not increase regardless of our price changes. Required for One-Page Plans.

Maintenance Plan


*You have a Starter or Pro Plan and need regular updates. Get this plan $175 a month (no agreement required). Excludes One-Page Plans.

Monitored Hosting


*Downgrade to Monitored Hosting for $75 a month (no agreement required). Updates will be charged at our current hourly rate.

Renewal Time?

Renewal Time?

Well alright! This is real simple, see the options above?  Decide which one you would like to choose and press the button below to select, add details and submit your request.

Saying Goodbye?

Saying Goodbye?

We hate to see you go. At the end of your plans agreement, if you wish to leave, you can move your website to a host of your choice.  We will provide you with your entire website in a zip file. We will keep a backup of your website on a local drive incase you change your mind. Press the button below to submit your request.