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Brian Dominey is a website design and brand development specialist. He’s also a creative thinker, coffee addict, lover of Tex-Mex food, child of God and he was bald before bald was cool.

He loves helping his clients make a good first impression. And would welcome the opportunity to discuss your website design and branding needs.

Brian Dominey

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More About Me

As far back as Brian can remember he has loved art and there were many crayon murals to prove it. Brian received his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 1986. He set out on a journey in the field of illustration and graphic design. Brian worked on design projects before computers were a tool of the trade. “Back then we had to paste-up art boards by hand. We would breathe toxic fumes, work in darkrooms and risk our digits to X-acto blades… and we loved it!” But times changed and he embraced them and became an enthusiast of the digital age.
Now Brian creates websites that communicate and get results. He is an artist who can explain his passion for good design, while keeping your R.O.I. foremost in mind. He knows there is an art to business and communicating your message. He will help build upon your communication tools and help your bottomline.
From early on in Brian’s career, he learned the importance of being a good steward of his clients resources. These organizations had limited budgets, but still had to reach a larger audience. Today, as then, his goal is to manage well the resources his clients have and get the greatest return.
Brian provides creative solutions for promoting your products and services. Your clients receive a better online experience.

About You

You are a small business owner or decision-maker who needs to look professional. You need an on-target website with communication tools that rival “The Big Boys.” Working with the decision-maker allows Brian to get to the heart of the message. Which makes it more effective in developing the right tools. Brian is a small business owner. He can relate to the challenges many entrepreneurs and self-employed individuals face. Understanding their struggles and challenges makes him a good strategic partner.
Also, you recognize the value of well executed design solutions. And effective messaging for each component of your marketing plan. Brian’s ideal client hires him for creative design solutions. As well as his ability to bring life to their ideas, products, and services.
Brian’s clients experience clarity about their message and audience. They learn to better communicate with vendors, clients, prospects and employees. Finally, his clients have tools to build their business and a sense of pride about their company’s image.

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Design Philosophy

First impressions are critical. When it comes to making them the eyes are the first participants. The eyes consume vast amounts of information and relay it to the brain. This process allows us to make snap judgements about whether something appeals to us or not. Often, this snap judgement is all you will ever receive.
So, good design matters and good communication matters more. Your ability to catch your audiences attention. Create a good first impression. And communicate your message is crucial to the life of your business. Brand integrity is very important to the success of any message. If consistency is what makes a brand, inconsistency weakens it. Brian believes that a strong brand is more about image and message consistency. Not a cool logo or fad. If your brand already has a strong presence in your market, Brian will work with you to find new ways to enhance it.
But, if your brand is weak, or nonexistent, Brian can help there, too. Every project has the same design philosophy approach. It has to convey a message in a simple yet intriguing way. Trendy, stylish design without a solid message serves no one.

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